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Residential Electrical Services

Understanding how you will use each space in your new home is the key to providing the right electrical solutions to suit your needs.

We will prompt you to consider ‘What will you do in this room?’ and ‘How you will you live in the space?’ It’s these important discussions that are critical to addressing and providing you with the best electrical solutions for your new home.

A.SAL Electrical Services are happy to assist you in the early stages of planning and designing the right electrical solutions for your new home.  It pays to consult a licenced Electrician while in the early planning stages of your new build or renovation.  Addressing best electrical solutions will enhance the enjoyment and functionality of your new space in the short and long term. To give you an idea of areas we specialise in;

  • Is the power supply to the dwelling adequate for the appliance’s you want to install?
  • What type of lighting is best suited to your personal use of the room?
  • Do you need dimmers or two way switches?
  • Placement of control panels required for heating, cooling, lighting and security
  • Outdoor lighting solutions for security and outdoor living spaces
  • Allow cabling provisions now for things like home cinema, electric roller door, air conditioning and statement pendant lighting at a later date. We all know budgets can blow out and if you make the provisions for cabling in the early stages of the build then you can always proceed with those wish list items when you’re ready at a later date.